Cone Nozzles

Considerable research has been undertaken matching paint formulation characteristics with spray nozzle flow rates and paint atomization.

Using cone nozzles, the atomized paint droplets spin when they leave the nozzle, covering both sides of the leaf, eliminating the need to make two passes to achieve the required quality of line.

The chart shows the time and flow rates of nozzles recommended for applying specific amounts of Impact paint to achieve the desired quality of line when marking a standard size football (soccer) field.

All calculations are based on 15 minutes spraying time which represents the average actual spraying time for a standard football (soccer) field*.

*per field refers to marking a standard size football (soccer) field of 650 metres (1,950 feet) at an average walking speed of 43 meters (130 feet) per minute.

Cone Nozzles Flow Rate Impact Ready to Use (per field)
Gold* 0.11 liters/minute (0.03 gallons) 1.6 liters (0.42 gallons)
Red 0.15 liters/minute (0.04 gallons) 2.25 liters (0.60 gallons)
Amber 0.19 liters/minute (0.05 gallons) 2.85 liters (0.75 gallons)
Green 0.30 liters/minute (0.08 gallons) 4.5 liters (1.19 gallons)

**The Gold nozzle has been specifically developed for use with Impact XP.

Impact paint formulations have been specially matched to specific nozzles